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Hey there my name is Ben. If you made it this far that means your curious right?  Curious about why you clicked on this and curious about this whole "My journey to Scrum" thing. 
I have been in one career for over 13 years. The reason I started this blog was because even though others have done what I aim at doing there was very little documentation of it. Going from a career of being in church ministry to working in a business is not all that easy.  
As I "travel" along on this adventure I want to give my point of view on struggles, victories and new knowledge I obtain. 
I may end up with a Scrum Master position. I may not. It is a risk to be sure. Let this blog be an inspiration to you if you face a similar desire.  Let it be an encouragement to you if things feel overwhelming.  Let it be at the very least informational on an individual's journey to change careers and go in a new direction.

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Ok I messed up.  I started this blog without explaining one key thing....WHAT ON EARTH IS SCRUM!?  So I'll sum it up as simply as I can. It's another way of producing a product or service.  Instead of spending countless hours typing/editing/deleting my own explanation I'll throw a link that will help explain scrum.

I just saved you 20-30 mins of your life not reading my messed up explanation of Scrum.  You're Welcome  :)

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